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This is our love story
Written at Sunday, May 31, 2009 | back to top


This is our Love Story

Maybe a lot of you are wondering why Gelicutie is my clandestine name. I am not cute FYI hahaha but my boyfriend calls me Gelicutie.

Ochi is a guy I met when we were freshmen in college. I was still the same nerdy girl before; still clinging to high school memories. I was still the girl who wanted to bring her baon in the canteen, still the one whose innocence is unripe and unveiled. A friend refered him to me and we started texting and I knew from that moment that I like him. Has a lot of sense of humor, smart, easygoing and as claimed by my friend, cute hahaha nevertheless to me he was just a friend and a text mate; someone I would never plan to meet, since I were not the kind of girl who's in for texting and meeting text mates. He was just like, to put it bluntly: a fling. But one day he insisted on meeting me, of course I said no- I mean the very thought of meeting him! I'm a shy girl someone who would rather stay in the house rather than go out malling, meeting guys or whatever. But he was so persistent I got so pissed off and told him I'd rather lose him as a friend than meet up with him. hahaha =) But due to my clumsiness I have already told him prior where I was staying in Baguio. So he went in our dormitory, told me he was waiting there and that I should be down in a few minutes. What the umph how rude and arrogant! Suplado naku. So after a few whining he finally convinced me to meet up with him. I was trembling as I walk downstairs of our dorm; hoping to catch a glimpse of him; what he looks like. I was scared both of our own judgment. What if he wouldn't like me? What would I say to him etc. my thoughts were filled with so many worries and what ifs.

And as I walk downstairs, there he was standing wearing a black polo shirt, black pants with matching black rubber shoes. Don't get this wrong readers, he's not emo hahaha that was just the way he used to dress up.

I timidly walked towards him, his head cocked to one side,

G: uhhmmmm... hello
he turned to look at the girl whose presence surprised her.
B: hi
G: .................
He smiled at me, and I swear at that moment I wanted to run. He is fair-skinned, a little more fair-looking than me, wearing braces, a little short for a guy (although he is taller than me but that doesn't make me entirely small ahaha), hair waxed and to sum it all up: my friend was right he is cute. ^^

B:may exam ka ngaun?
His smile never fading..
G: uu
B: Anong oras?
G: 1..
B: huh? 10 to 1 na male-late ka na..
G: *ahmm ayos lang un*, naisip koh haha but instead I saidUu nga sige mauna nakoh,

B: hatid na kita
G: sa gonzaga pa kasi yun eh
B ay ganon ba sige hatid na lang kita sa jeep may exam rin kasi akoh ng 1

G: 'wag na una nakoh pakipot pa koh of course hahaha

B: hindi hatid na kita *makulit ka kahit kelan*

I wanted to melt while we were walking I didn't know how to act even if the only action to do is to walk; I swear I must've looked drunk while walking and I was pacing nervously.

G: sakay na ko, saan ka?
B: sabay na ko sayo baba na lang ako ng gate 3
G: Naisip koh- *bakit kelangan mo pa sumabay sakin maglakad ka na lang sayang pamasahe* por que mayaman ka cheokay sige

B:baba na ko sige bye
I smiled at him even if deep down inside I wanted to kill him. *Matsing ka kabayo suplado!* I wanted to yell to him haha

He texted me around 3 'o clock asking what time my class ends. I said 5, he asked if we could meet around 5 so he could walk me home; I was hesitant but he finally convinced me. I thought kasi he would libre me dinner hahaha imagine free dinner lol matakaw pa naman ako surely sa favorite resto ko kami kakain, papipiliin niya akoh eh.. Yun ang akala ko, hindi man lang nagtanong kung gutom na ko or gusto ko muna magsnacks. At first isa talaga siyang tae, hinatid niya ko sa dorm pero nung aakyat na ko, he said, akyat ka na? gusto mo usap pa tau? ikaw na lalake ka namumuro ka na! makulit ka na nga mapilit ka pa! buti na lang hindi umiral katarayan ko and considering him as a new friend pa rin, I said, sige upo muna tau dito. He asked if I wanted to eat, I said no.. pakipot ko talaga hahaha Kahit sufer gutom na me, umayaw pa rin ako nahihiya kc ako baka ma turn-off siya sa laki ng subo koh and bilis ng kain ko hahahaha and there we were talking about anything under the sun.

We laughed and shared gossips, we were comfortable with each other. Iba pala ang akala koh sa kanya, he was really funny and smart. I thought, naku eto na ang dreamboy koh hahaha pwede na to pamalit kay papa piolo. ^_^

Days passed and we grew closer.. I never knew I'd meet my 1st and last through a single text. We're turning 3 years in December. Three years full of laughter, fun, tears, tampo, pain, bitterness, and friendship.

We are not the perfect couple, we are barely compatible with each other! I love fish while he doesn't like it; I love books, he loves to throw it; He loves having dogs and eating gummies and everything that tastes either too chocolatey or too sweet and any food that tastes a little bit of everything while I hate anything that goes over the top and foods that taste all mixed up. We are way too far from being compatible. His views most of the time, contradict mine: religion, sports, people, foods, even the stupidest things. We are so opposite and maybe that's the reason why we argue everyday. Even while playing dota we fight and call names. ^_^

But because of our differences, we learned to pool forces (hindi ako magaling sa physics huh hihi) and contemplate on our problems. We act as a team, solve problems, make it through the best and hard times in order to be made perfect for each other. Without comprehension, we are nothing; our relationships wouldn't work, trust may be broken lies can be told but without understanding and forgiveness, how can you make love work?