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Written at Tuesday, July 14, 2009 | back to top


Now what kind of a name is Coraline? Oh well, it may have been derived from the word "coral" which has a lot of meaning to start of with.
I lay
lazily on the chair as I think of even more dumb things to do; like surf the net even more enthusiastically or play dota with random heroes and ask stupidly from my teammates what item I should put on my hero to somehow increase its overly vulnerable nature. I was sick of it; tired of it. And then I decided to open the folder where all movies are stored in the shop. I opened coraline because I was intrigued, and even so I've seen that it's a 3D animated film, I still seem quite uninterested..

I decided to give the movie a try and I'm so thankful at that moment on, I was bloody bored. Normally, I wouldn't choose to watch a flick from the shop. hihihi anyway, the primary reason why I decided to create a post about this Coraline movie is because I truly love it! ( now here comes my overexciting voice and temperament) It has been a habit of mine to search for a thingamabob that I happen to like; say a movie; a particular persona whom I admire or a book that I've been eying on for countless of weeks; one good example is a fave of J.K. Rowling- I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and so on. And so from this manner that I learned that Coraline is originally based from the fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman; the incredible and best selling author who had written the books "Neverwhere", "American Gods",(although I'm not such a fan of this novel) "Stardust", of course "Coraline" and many more successful fantasy novels published.

It is also from doing research that I learned of Henry Selick who directed the film Coraline, was also responsible of directing the successful animated films "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "James and the Giant Peach". Oh how I love both the films especially James and the Giant Peach! I couldn't forget watching it since I was a child.

And so from this experience that I appreciated and loved the movie even more.. Not only for its moral uprightness that most children undergo towards their parents but also with its fantastical creation, concept and daring characters. ^_^/