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I'm halfway through finishing the book.. It's poignant. Comical in a way, I find it amusing to listen to Thomas' ramblings about the war and CIA. ^+^ but when you empathize, you will somehow understand that there's nothing comic about Domenick's life circumstances.

I'd always preferred to be in the library than somewhere unproductive. Books are like people.. When I see them with beautiful hardbound covers, I mumble in my mind "hello". Where was I? Ya about the book. I picked it because I was astonished by its cover. Two infants huddled with each other. It's like a picture of a fetal ultrasound. It's astounding and.. heartbreaking.

I cried last night. Damn it I cannot even confide to my own blog. The last time I spilled the beans, my classmate squealed everything to my other mates. The next thing I knew, I had mates asking me every time "Did that really happen?" etc. Damn I did not even tell her about my blog. I never thought she too, was a blogger.

I cried for a lost child. I cried for the child I never knew. For the one that would've meant the world to me. For the child I would've dressed up cute stuff with. Nothing meant sense. And as I lie crying in my bed, I told God I just can't carry on anymore. Everything seem pointless.. Tragedy hit me in the face like a snowstorm. Ya2 can't get too much of a good thing eh? It's alright, I said.. Everyday won't be sunny- likewise it won't always be dark either. I had my fair share of joy and sorrow.. Some time, I'm gonna give out a heartily laugh again.. I'm gonna be in the arms of a man whom I love and trust, gonna have a successful life. But until then, I'd have to live this wretched life just to make it through the future.