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Here's the thing
Written at Wednesday, May 20, 2009 | back to top

Here's my point of view about Dr. Hayden Kho's alleged sex video scandal: all couples married or not, make love once in a while, okay for all addicts: everyday or maybe every other day it doesn't matter, the fact is all of us have sex(celibates are exempted of course). Sen. Bong Revilla's supposed repercussion for Hayden's misconduct is utterly stupid and meaningless- to expel him off his license because he decided to go on his biological needs and urges just prove how feebleminded people are these days. Okay, to put on cameras while having sex is even more stupid and childish. And Katrina Halili could file all charges she could possibly think of against Hayden Kho; maybe he deserves it but to put to waste years of hard work and medical study just because you decided to do one naughty caught-in-the-act thing is again, useless.
To behave naughtily is normal for a young man like him; even though he is a professional that shouldn't hinder anyone on becoming normal, on making mistakes and learning from it. Come on! All of us make love it's just that not everyone wants to get caught doing it. Wag ka magmalinis sus!