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Starting Again- Coaxing the Previous Matters
Written at Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | back to top

After making the bold move to delete my previous blog, here I am again trying to start anew. I couldn't find much time to monitor my old blog and there were so many reasons as to why I resigned from blogging; one is that I got afraid of relaying my thoughts on a broken page- apparently a person whom I knew back in *toot* read my former posts and teased me once about how shocking my confessions were. Since then I have learned to keep my thoughts and experiences just to myself. ^_^ hahaha The other reasons I don't mind saying.. =p

Well, last Sunday I urged my mom into buying a book that I have been eying for several months. It's Kelley Armstrong's The Summoning. But... As expected, she slightly reprimanded me and said I should just read on books about history etc. I couldn't bring my voice to say how astonishing the experience is whenever I read a book that brings me into another dimension, the characters become my friends and acquaintances. It's crazy but it's true. On the other hand, nonfictional books interest me the most because of its pure audacity and the lessons it teach.

More openly, last year, Lovelia's mother died due to lung cancer. Grace, Shaira, Joy and I were only among the few of her friends who visited her and her family at the Mt. Sinai Memorial Chapel. Moreover, Anna Kat, April etc. were said to have visited prior.

Grace and I were raged over the fact that some of our close friends were apparently "busy" enough to not attend the burial etc. How busy can you be when your own friend's mother just died from an abrupt disease? How consoling is texting your friend and say condolences when you can be present personally? This is flat irony. You can never tell who your real friends are unless you're in trouble.

More updates from me:

-Just finished reading Rain Pryor's Jokes My Father Never Told Me and Lois Lowry's Number the Stars. The Latter is an excellent book, the former, uhmmmm.. let's just say I bought it for only P50. ahhahaha ^_^

-Broke up with my boyfriend yesterday nyahahahaha I'll tell you the whole story tomorrow!